Circuit Board

E-Waste Pickup Service

Have some old tech lying around that you don't know what to do with? Tech and Tasks is here to help! We are an Electronic Waste Pickup service serving Montgomery County PA. We can come to you to pick up most of your old technology or E-Waste. We charge $50 for a pickup and that includes most items. Certain items may have a separate charge. We will do our best to recycle, reuse, refurbish or salvage as much of this equipment as possible. Anything that cannot be recycled will be disposed of properly and responsibly. It is our ultimate goal that none of this material reaches a landfill.

Schedule an appointment by emailing us at or calling 484-679-6451

Items I accept for the $50 E-Waste Pickup

Any and all of the following:

​⦁    Computers and Laptops
⦁    Computer Components
⦁    Servers
⦁    Printers
⦁    Circuit Boards
⦁    Cell Phones and Tablets
⦁    Telephones
⦁    Video Games and Game Consoles
⦁    Cameras
⦁    Routers and Switches
⦁    Uninterruptible Power Supplies
⦁    Cables, Plugs and Wires
⦁    Coffee Machines
⦁    Microwave Ovens

⦁    Vacuum Cleaners
⦁    Power Tools
⦁    Remotes
⦁    Stereo Equipment (Receivers, CD Players, Record Players...)
⦁    Dvd's, CD's, VHS Tapes, Books, Cassettes and Vinyl Records

Items that are not included in the free pickup and require a separate charge per item

⦁    $50 Tube TV's (CRT) Smaller than 32"
⦁    $50 Flat Screen TV's smaller than 50"
⦁    $15 LCD Monitors
⦁    $30 Printers

Items that I cannot accept at this time

⦁    Tube TV's (CRT) Greater than 32"
⦁    Flat screen TV's Greater than 50"
⦁    Projection TV's
⦁    CRT Monitors
⦁    Large Office Copier / Printer
⦁    Large Appliances